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Crystal Williamson

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If you follow me on social media, Instagram: @lovechyle and/or Facebook: Crystal Minnie Williamson, you know that I am always exploring somewhere exciting and eating some bomb food 🤤. I caught the “exploring the world and living my life to the fullest” bug. Ever since I started my travel journey, people often ask me “How do I do it?” or “How can I afford to do it?”

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No, I did not win the lotto or anything like that. I worked my 9-5, doing what society told me to do and BORED 😔! Many of you know me personally, either as a coworker, friend or both, and see my life unfold in front of your eyes asking what did I do differently? Some of you are my friends on Instagram following my journey wondering how you can also travel the world?

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Well, I am doing this blog because I want to answer all your questions to get you out there, exploring and creating amazing memories! I want you to realize that it is not intangible to explore a new place once a month or every other week or even every week. It also does not have to cost an arm and leg to do this❗️


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With this blog, I am going to give you insight into my world. I'll show you how I travel🛩, the places I visit🗺, where and how to save money🤑, and of course FOOD 🤤. So stay tuned to my Instagram: @lovechyle and/or Facebook: Crystal Minnie Williamson because each week I will provide you with the tips and tricks that will help you be able to fulfill your dreams of exploring this beautiful world.

                                                                     Stay Positive My Loves ✌🏾


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  • I’m eager to hear how you left the 9-5 rat race!

    Sochima Eze

  • I love your energy!!!!

    Beverly Dennis

  • I love your energy!!!!

    Beverly Dennis

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